Thursday, April 20, 2006


To my daughter who is begining a new life for herself in Georgia.

My little girl’s a woman now.
She's grown up fine it seems.
She’s starting on a new life filled with
happiness and dreams.

The guidance she once needed
I gave with all my heart.
This will be the strength she draws on
to make a brand new start.

Life’s road is filled with challenges,
quite bumpy along the way,
but she has all the tools she needs
to help her through each day.

Her faith in God is solid.
The past few months were long.
I watched His peace flow through her,
it filled my heart with song.

It’s up to her and Him now,
the journey might be long.
But wherever they’ll be going,
it’s right where she belongs!

Copyright © April 20, 2006 Cynthia Losco

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Walk Through Life!

To My Daughter .....A walk in progress

As we sit remembering ,the steps it took to get here,
Do we wonder if it is so far, worth the trip?
Would we change in some way,
the things we did or some of the places,
we stopped on the way.

The detours you see, don't just happen to me,
They come upon us all some day.
How different would life be,
if we take a few less steps?

“For better or worse,”is what they say but,
do we even know when we arrive,
if it was better or worse?
When does this journey end,
or should we just keep walking?

Stopping along the way to rest for awhile,
is always helpful you see!
It gives us the time to make up our minds
and make changes in life you and me.

“For better or worse,” is what they say,
but what we make it is what life will be!
So lets take our time, we're all doing just fine.
Days of sadness will soon turn to joy.

All the memories we build
will make our lives filled,
with happiness most of the time!

Copyright © December 2005 Cynthia Losco

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Saturday, November 05, 2005


As I sit on the sidelines,of my childrens' life
I pray to GOD for their Husband and Wife.
Life is so pressured and so intense.
I pray to GOD for their common sense.

Reinforce and strengthen their minds and hearts,
so troubles don't rush up and tear them apart.
There's sometimes a way to see problems through
with GOD'S angels' beside them to help them too!

When you need comfort just sit and pray,
and ask for GOD'S help to get through the day.
Speak calmly to each other, explain what you do.
Life can be easier, handled by two!

Now if things don't work out,
when all is done.
Then pray for the strength,
to walk on as ONE!

Copyright © November 2005 Cynthia R. Losco

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


There's a smile on my face,
each time I look at you.
Soon it'll be your Birthday and
your going to be TWO!

Oh, your Nanny's little girl "Rose",
and you make me feel so proud.
When we sit and play together,
you can make me laugh out loud.

You will always be the first grandchild,
and hold a Special place.
When ever your around my dear,
that smile is on my face.

So as it gets closer to your Special day,
when dreams can all come true.
We'll yell "SURPRISE," you'll make a wish,
Nan's Little Rose is TWO!

Copyright ©10/12/2005 Cynthia R Losco

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Friday, September 30, 2005


To My Son Nick

Nicky bought a used Ducati,
It would have been better if
he bought a potty.

Now's he's always in a panic,his yellow
Ducati is always with the mechanic.
Replacing this and changing that,
he even had to fix a flat.

You see this Ducati that he bought used.
Is now making Nicky want to hit the booze.
Although he has this bike since May
He wishes Tweedy would fly away!

Copyright © September 2005 Cynthia R. Losco

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


They tell me there's another man,
in all your lives today.
He's someone very Special and I
hear he's come to stay.

I'm told his Dad will buy him trains,
with Mom he'll plant some trees.
His Grandma will be worried
when he falls and hurts his knees.

His Grandpa then will brush him off
whisper,"Little man be strong."
Then Mom and Dad will pick him up
and sing their boy a song.

You've made our lives so happy Son,
that day we brought you home.
When we think of life without you,
God we'd all be so alone.

Right now we're all around your crib,
You watch us as we pray.
This is that Blessed moment,
our minds just slipped away.

Copyright ©2005 Cynthia R. Losco

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Visitor

It seems like only yesterday
when I looked at Jesus and heard Him say,
"You see that Man and Woman there
listen close little Rose,
you'll hear their prayer,
they are your Mom and Dad!"

I looked at Jesus, he smiled at me,
and gave me gifts to bring you see.
He placed them in my heart with care
and said when I need them,
they'll always be there:
Faith, Hope, Love and Joy

My journey was quick and quite a surprise.
The next thing I knew,
I opened my eyes,
I looked around, took in all I could see.
Oh My God, It's my Family!

November 13, 2004

Copyright ©2004 Cynthia R. Losco

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God's Special Gift

A baby is a special gift
sent from God above.
Given to both parents,
to shower with all their LOVE!

Please take care, give understanding
and counsel cautiously.
Your child will use this training
through its life you'll see.

Instill your faith have patience
and positivity.
The lives you shape throughout your days
of parenting will be,
your special contribution
that changes HISTORY.

Copyright ©2004 Cynthia R. Losco

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